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The true end to end service with AFS MALL

AFS MALL is B2B Beauty e-commerce platform where you can source products and receive product curation contents. AFS WORKS is synched with AFS MALL so you can experience all the services AFS MALL is providing.

Customizable selective service

AFS WORKS has very detailed service segmentation which you can chose. You can put together only the necessary services for you and filter out unnecessary procedure.

Specialized in beauty products

Beauty products can be tricky to ship due to its sensitive nature to temperature and damage. AFS WORKS has collected expertise to deal with them through many years of experience. Also, our warehouse is specially built to withstand outside’s temperature.

Dedicated customer service

We strongly trust that key to our business model is the relationships we build with our clients. Thereby we are putting a lot of care and dedication to our customer service.

Customizable ERP system

With our partner ThreeOn, we’re planning to provide a premium ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to integrate various functions into one complete system to streamline and processes information across the entire organization.

Fast and easy communication

We actually listen and respond to you as soon as possible. This is easier said than done but our friendly and reliable staff try out best to keep up this promise so don’t hesitate to talk to us!

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AFC Global

AFC stands for AFS WORKS Fulfillment Center. It has the capability to process both B2B and B2C orders. Its double outer layers keep optimal temperature throughout the year, and it is also built with fire resistant material to prevent any chance of fire. These features make AFC the ideal fulfillment center for beauty products. Click the image to watch a short video clip of AFC global in live action.

Current Order Statue

, PO no. Date Departure Destination Following Status
, P81310 01/18/2019 Incheon HongKong Shipment Completed
, P81485 01/21/2019 Incheon HongKong Preparing shipment
, P81037 01/25/2019 Incheon Ningbo Preparing shipment
, P81906 02/01/2019 Incheon Ningbo Preparing shipment
, P81808 02/01/2019 Incheon Ningbo Preparing shipment
, P81861 02/01/2019 Incheon Zhengzhou Preparing shipment
, P81663 02/12/2019 Incheon Ningbo Preparing shipment

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